Stacking Made Simple: Ultimate Necklace Stack Ideas

When something looks effortless, there is almost always a certain amount of effort that went into it. Layering necklaces is one of those things. Stacking has become an art form and we are here to help you make that "effortless look" easy.

We've handpicked our favorite necklaces of different dimensions to make it simple for you to create your own stack. And with various price points, you can shop high or low or simply choose one that stacks well with necklaces you already own. Follow our ultimate guide below on how to create the perfect necklace stack that reflects your own personal style.

1. Choose the Length of Your Stack

A great way to start is by choosing the length of your stack: all can be short, long or choose necklaces of varying lengths.

As a simple rule, the shortest necklace should be 16", mid-length necklaces are 18", and longer necklaces are in the 20-24" range. If you want extremely long chains, you can find some that are 30"-36". We like to keep the necklace layers within the 16"-24" range so they create a nice stack when paired together.

2. Strike the Right Balance

Next, be sure to consider the weight and size of each piece to strike the right balance. You might want to consider delicate chains mixed with chunkier chains to create your own unique look. Selecting bold drop pendants or mixing in pearl necklaces with your chain stack can also be a fun way to create a statement look. For some beautiful pearl necklace options, see our edit of Pearl Jewelry to shop here. Pairing only a couple of shorter chains together can create a chic minimalist look. Decide which layered necklace look you are going for to strike the right balance.

3. Choose Your Metal

Generally speaking, you should pick one metal for your stack. Our personal penchant is to use yellow gold chains. If you love rose gold or white gold, choose different necklaces in one of these metals to create your layered look.

4. Personalize Your Stack

One fun way to create your own unique stack is to add a personal touch like an initial or monogram. You can also add a favorite necklace that has been handed down to you by your mom or grandmother or given to you for a special occasion.

5. Play with Texture and Pattern

A good idea when it comes to necklace layering is to play with the different textures and patterns of the chains you are using. Layer a smooth herringbone chain next to a bolder paperclip chain (these are also usually adjustable which gives you more options for different lengths when layering it). Add pendants like a coin, hamsa or gemstone to create a focal point to your stack. We love Mejuri's Terra Pendant Coin Necklace and Sorellinas Tarot Necklaces below. If you love a pop of color, Crystal Haze Jewelry has fun options like their Serena Necklace, also below.

6. Your Stack Should Be Based on What You're Wearing

An important thing to consider when putting your stack together is the neckline of the top or dress you are wearing. Shorter necklaces look great when you have a higher neckline like a t-shirt. Go for a medium-length stack when you have a button-down shirt on with the neckline open. Longer chains look best with open or plunging necklines and v-neck tops.

7. Have Fun and Prepare for all Those Compliments!

After you decide on the overall look you're going for, have fun playing with different chains and pendants that reflect your own unique style. Mix them up based on what you're wearing to create longer, shorter and varying lengths of stacks.

Now that you have all the tools from our ultimate guide to build your own statement necklace stack, shop our edit from some of our favorite designers below:


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