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If you're someone who hosts family over the holidays, you might already be thinking about how to up your table setting game this year. After all, first impressions are everything and it's always so gratifying to hear "oohs and ahhs" as soon as people walk into your dining room. Creating a color palette and a mood and then setting a beautiful tablescape can be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. To that end, interior designer and Vetted contributor Melissa Urdang Bodie from Melissa + Miller Interiors has helped to provide inspiration this season and pick out unique pieces to shop along with it. A beautifully set table comes in many variations. Whether you want a lively gathering with a bright, colorful setting, an outdoor rustic theme, or a more romantic mood with dark, chic pieces, we have the inspiration for your modern table setting.


1. MODERN + COLORFUL If your personal preference is for modern style, this is the tablescape for you. With a fun, bright color scheme and geometric patterns, the decor is eye-catching and will immediately put your guests in a lively mood. A round dining table also makes it easy for guests to feel included and be able to see everyone at the table. La Double J is famous for their fun prints, mixed patterns and bold colors like the jewel tones seen here. Accented with colorful vases and glasses that match back to the dishes and punctuated with gold flatware, the mixture of colors and textures only enhance the modern look of this setting. Match the colors of the flowers at the center of your table to your dishes and placemats to create a cohesive look. Shop this colorful place setting below from La Double J and this similar set of flatware from Misette and make your next dinner party one to remember.

Table by La Double J Home



2. DARK + MOODY This eye-catching Scandinavian table setting creates such a romantic vibe for winter dinner parties or even for a special Christmas dinner with deep burgundy and red details. It's an elegant table with a winter theme, accented with pine branches, holly, and ribbons. The tall taper candles clustered together become the focal point of your dining room table and create an unexpected, unique centerpiece. And the beautifully shaped ceramic plates from Roman & Williams Guild with ribbons draping down over the edge of the table add more visual interest. The idea of this setting is a feeling of warmth and coziness. Throw a luxe, cashmere blanket over the seats and create a mood where guests want to linger to drink wine and talk into the late hours of the night.

Table by Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson for LINUM.



3. RUSTIC RETREAT This table setting is gorgeous for an outdoor fall get-together or a Thanksgiving table. To create this setting, start with an overall neutral palette and add autumnal colors like orange and green as accents. The wooden table with a bright white table runner is the perfect base. Next add fresh fruit and flowers running down the center of the table. Having edible pieces scattered around the table creates an easy environment where guests can start interacting with the details of your table almost immediately. Utilize natural elements like wood slices as a cake plate or cheese board and flatware with wooden handles to keep in line with the more rustic theme. It's all the little things that come together to make this tablescape really impactful. Whether you are actually planning to be outdoors or bringing the nature indoors, these elements make for a beautiful setting.

Table by Jenni Kayne Home


4. WINTER ROMANCE This table setting has winter romance written all over it. From the dark candlesticks to the gold details to the deep reds and magentas of the floral centerpieces, this decor creates the perfect setting for a winter dinner or holiday party. The black candlesticks and brass candleholders interspersed throughout the table help to create such a warm feeling. The plaid napkins are a great way to tie the color story together while the hit of shine in the bowls elevate the whole look. It's hard to take items you wouldn't normally pair together and make them work so brilliantly and this table does just that.

Table by @etsy


5. CASUAL + REFINED For this casual yet refined table setting, start with a neutral tablecloth and choose a pretty pop of color for the napkins. This turquoise color reminds us of the islands and creates a relaxed mood to the room. Add silver napkin rings with a fun accent like this crystal constellation design. Then arrange vases of different sizes and colors at the center of your table and stagger tall candlesticks with brass holders to create an eye-catching focal point. Textural water pitchers like this hand-blown carafe and a beautiful china pattern add an extra touch of visual interest to the table setting.

Table by Melissa Urdang Bodie of Melissa + Miller Interiors


6. CLASSIC ELEGANCE An easy way to keep your event light and bright is to start with an all white base for your table. This beautiful tablescape is more of a formal table setting that lends itself to any special occasion. Stagger larger and smaller floral arrangements with yellow and white roses down the center of a long table. Place a coordinating blue and white chinoise dinner and salad plate from Royal Copenhagen at each seat and use beautiful wine glasses or coups to enhance the decor. Intersperse candles between the dishes, glasses, and centerpieces to fill in any negative space.

Table @harpersbazaar by Kate Berry with Heather Taylor, Kristen Caissie, and Moon Canyon Design

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