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It’s fashion week in New York City and there is no shortage of stylish outfits both inspirational and outlandish! As always, Vetted is here to provide the former and this week’s street style provided plenty of inspiration. This winter season is keeping us on our toes with springlike temps in the morning quickly dropping to freezing by the afternoon to reveal multiple outfit changes and fabulous layered looks. You never know what to expect during February fashion week….here is a breakdown of our favorite looks that represent true New York style.

Photography by Abe Morales for Vetted

Mercer 7 Official
Erna Leon
Irino Kro Eicke
Street Style at NYFW


Tailoring was a favorite trend among show-goers this week with monochromatic dressing in head-to-toe grey being a favorite. A perfect balance of masculine and feminine, the “borrowed from the boys” silhouettes were immaculately tailored and accessorized with designer purses, oversized jewelry, and standout eyewear. Turtlenecks were a favorite base layer this season under thick sweaters and blazers.

Amy Anderson And Leonie Hamme At New York Fashion Week
Left Amy Anderson, Right: Leonnie Hanne


While we are used to seeing a stream of designer puffer jackets on cold days, the city streets this week were filled with long wool coats instead. It makes sense in the winter months over tailored pants and blazers adding a chic extra layer. Two stand outs were Amy Anderson in a camel duster and Leonie Hanne in a chic, long black coat which she layered over her Proenza look of white pants and open-net maxi dress on her way to the show.

Women Attending New York Fashion Week

Some other favorite styling moments included different proportions of white button down shirts paired with wide leg pants with cargo pockets or layered with a trench-inspired dress layered over it. It’s great to see women playing with an everyday staple to reflect their own personal style.

Slide 90
Photos outside of the Libertine Fall 24 show; Middle Right: Sara Gim, Far Right: Victoria Brito


A quintessential, well-trodden New York look incorporates an all black outfit and some form of a leather jacket. In true city style, women turned up in both. With black leather bombers, trenches, and overcoats, leather was a trend seen on the streets and on the runway for Fall 24. Expect to see a lot more leather through the rest of the year well into the next holiday season.

Mini Skirts At New York Fashion Week
Photos from NYFW, Center: Samantha Angelilli


A personal favorite trend this season were the mini lengths. Mini skirts and dresses were styled in many different ways with high boots, knee boots, and high socks. It’s a great option when you want to show off your legwear and footwear! A street-style favorite, they were also accessorized with a belt or two and topped off with various winter coat styles including peacoats, bombers, and faux fur. The proportions have all the trappings of a cute winter outfit. If you’re looking to try a standout look in cold weather, this is definitely your answer.

Fur Coats At New York Fashion Week


For those opting for a really warm coat, fur (hopefully vintage!) and faux fur was the answer. Mob wife aesthetic anyone? In various styles, lengths, and colors, it was an outfit completer that stood out from the crowd.

Silver Details At New York Fashion Week
Left: Nina Decerchio, Right: Street Style at NYFW


Silver still continues to be a strong trend this season and is a great way to accent an overall look. From metallic matlassé coats to reflective accessories like purses and shoes, it was nice to see a hit of high shine over a couple dreary winter days.

Chic Eyewear At New York Fashion Week
Middle Left: Irina Kro Eicke, Middle Right: Linda Fargo, Far Right: Gezelle Renee


Almost everyone on the street had on sunglasses but many women made eyewear the focus of their look. From tiny, ornate spectacles to over-the-top goggles, it was the perfect way to up the ante of any look.

Women Wear Red At New York Fashion Week
Left: Miki Sui Cheung, Right: Alyssa Brascia


The continuation of red was the perfect pop of color for this season. Whether head-to-toe in a monochromatic look or as pops of bold color in accessories, it still remains the favorite stand-out hue this fashion week.

The best place to find winter outfit ideas and styling for colder months is during NYFW when the fashion set heads outdoors and hits the streets in droves. One of the best parts of fashion week is seeing the street style where the inspiration is endless. If you are looking to emulate New Yorker’s style, then fashion week in the city is the right place to be.

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