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Hoops, studs, chandeliers, drops, huggies….there are so many earring styles to choose from today. But the one that is my daily favorite are huggies. Perfect for everyday wear or for special occasions, huggie hoops are my go-to and you’ll find out why here!

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Huggies are small hoop earrings that literally hug your ear lobes (hence the name). Small and light, they are so comfortable you forget they are even in your ears! Without the post of stud earrings sticking your neck or catching your hair, you can sleep, swim, and do any of your daily activities in them. They look great when worn alone or when paired with other earrings to create a beautiful earscape. Huggies come in a variety of styles and metals, from a simple, more minimalist look to overly embellished designs. Here are some places to wear them and how to style them.

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Five and Two Jewelry


No matter how many ear piercings you have, huggies are great to feature in one or all of the positions. My main tip is to start with the largest pair in the first position at the lower lobe and get gradually smaller as you work your way to the top of the ear. I personally have double piercings in both ears and like to wear these small hoops in the first hole with a small diamond stud in the second. If you want to wear drop earrings, place them in the first position and add huggies in the second position and so on.

How To Wear Huggie Earrings
Anita Ko Zoe Gold and Diamond Huggie with click-into-place design, Monica Vinader Mini Huggie Stack


If you have multiple ear piercings, another option is to wear huggies earrings in all of the positions to showcase multiple pairs. You can wear all of the same type or feature different styles. With huggies’ snug fit, they are the right size to wear around the entire ear. And many pairs have a unique click-into-place design, making them easy to get in and out and stack close to each other. (Like Anita Ko’s design, top left)

Net A Porter Anita Ko Huggie Earscape
Anita Ko Huggie Earring Stack via Net-A-Porter


Creating an earscape is a great way to showcase your personal style and has been such a huge trend this year. Show off your earring collection by styling them in unique ways. Mix different huggies styles on each ear, create an asymmetrical look, or add ear cuffs to the top of your stack. From a minimal look to more eye-catching styles, with a little bit of practice you can create unique looks that are all your own.

Mimi Earrings Five And Two Jewelry Hoops Huggie Earrings Charms
Five and Two Earring Charms


Huggie hoop earrings transition easily from day to night. There are great minimalist designs for everyday looks as well as statement pieces for when you want them to stand out a bit more. For example, I have a pair of gold huggie earrings with pave diamonds that add a bit of sparkle and makes them shine. I also love to add a charm or pendant to delicate huggie earrings so they hang down a bit more. They are fun to gift, especially if the charm has a personal meaning to the recipient. I personally love lucky charms and birthstones.

Rocky Barnes Huggie Earrings
@rocky_barnes in huggie earrings


Huggie earrings are the perfect choice for so many different occasions. For a casual look or a more formal affair, I have selected the perfect pair of huggies for you to shop from! From yellow gold, to white gold, to silver huggies, you can choose your favorite metal finish. These small hoops are a popular choice whether your stye is paired back to meant to stand out.


The small size and comfortable fit of huggie earrings make them the perfect gift! There are various styles to choose from so you can find the perfect earring set to give. I love to buy a pair with the recipients birth stone as a way to mark a special occasion and give them something they can easily wear every day. (My birthstone happens to be diamond so my diamond huggie earrings are a favorite!)

Happy Shopping! I hope you love these as much as I do!


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